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Your trust is important to us: Imprint and data protection at Hansekai Hamburg

In the heart of Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, the Hansekai restaurant not only places great value on culinary excellence, but also on transparency and trustworthiness. Our legal notice and data protection page ensures that you are always informed about those responsible behind our established restaurant and how we take care of your personal data. As a leading restaurant in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg, we take our legal and ethical obligations seriously. We understand that privacy and transparency are critical in today's digital world. That's why we provide you with detailed information about how we protect and use your data. Browse our legal notice and privacy information and learn more about our practices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your trust in the Hansekai Restaurant is of the utmost importance to us.

Legal notice

Event Hansekai GmbH Jaffestrasse 12 21109 Hamburg Germany Represented by: Jan Matthiesen, Nima Fard-Kaufmann Telephone: +494033396262 Email: info@hansekai.hamburg Register entry: Hamburg District Court, HRB 138128 Sales tax ID: DE301605372 Tax number: 49/719/00968 Tax office: Hamburg Dispute resolution The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS): https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. You can find our email address in the legal notice above. We are not willing or obliged to take part in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board. Liability for content The author assumes no liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness, or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the author relating to material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information are fundamentally excluded. Unless the author can be proven to have acted intentionally or with gross negligence is present. All offers are non-binding. The author expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the website or the entire offering without prior notice or to temporarily or permanently cease publication. Liability for links Despite careful checking, the author assumes no liability for the content of external links. The operators are solely responsible for the content of the linked pages. Copyright The authors strive to respect the copyrights of the graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts used in all publications, to use graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts that they have created themselves or to use license-free graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts. The copyright for published objects created by the authors themselves remains solely with the authors of the pages. Reproduction or use of such graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express consent of the authors.

Data protection

The data you provide will be treated confidentially by us and will not be passed on to third parties.

General terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Event Hansekai GmbH. 1. All offers and contracts issued by Hansekai, as well as services provided, are based exclusively on the current version of the general terms and conditions (hereinafter abbreviated as General Terms and Conditions). Any terms and conditions of the customer are invalid and will not be accepted. Exceptions require an express written statement from Hansekai. 2. The number of guests communicated by the customer for an event is, as regulated in the offer, contractually binding and determines the scope of services. Any subsequent change in the number of guests requires written consent from Hansekai. Hansekai can charge the customer additional expenses for all other services whose contractual scope was exhausted or exceeded when the service was provided. 3. The agreed fee must be paid without delay on the invoice date, unless a separate payment term has been granted in writing by Hansekai. If the customer is an entrepreneur, we reserve the right to charge interest of eight percentage points above the base interest rate for amounts outstanding beyond the payment deadline. 4. Unless otherwise stated, all prices and surcharges/flat rates are net and therefore, plus the applicable VAT. If the services to be provided are due later than four months after conclusion of the contract, Hansekai is entitled to adjust the prices stated in the offer or contract if wages or costs have increased by more than 5% in the meantime. The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract due to the price adjustment if this makes fulfillment of the contract unreasonable for him. 5. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. That's why we keep agreed appointments. The customer grants us a tolerance of up to 60 minutes for individual cases. 6. Cancellation 6.1 If the customer cancels the order for reasons for which we are not responsible, we are entitled to charge a cancellation fee of 30% of the agreed net total costs plus VAT, without the need for proof of damage. The net total costs result from the services ordered from us based on the agreed number of participants. 6.2 The above fee increases in the event of cancellation from 120 to 91 days before the start of the event to 35%, from 90 to 61 days before the start of the event to 45%, from 60 to 31 days before the start of the event to 65%, from 30 to 8 days before the start of the event to 75% and from 7 days before the start of the event to 100% of the agreed net total costs. 6.3. With regard to the cancellation fee, the customer reserves the right to prove that we actually suffered no or only minor damage. We reserve the right to prove and claim higher damages. 6.4. Any cancellation must be made in writing. 7. Goods and rental items must be checked by the customer for defects and damage upon handover. Any defects and shortages identified must be reported immediately so that Hansekai can take remedial action. If this is missed, the delivery is deemed to have been approved by the customer in accordance with the contract. 8. If damage occurs to items provided or organized by Hansekai during the customer's event, in particular furniture, dishes or glasses, the customer is obliged to pay compensation. Breakage and loss must be replaced according to the new value. The customer is, of course, entitled to prove to Hansekai that no damage or significantly less damage occurred than invoiced. The customer is responsible for the faults of his guests, employees or staff as well as for his own faults. If the customer has rented objects from Hansekai, he or she may be charged rent until the objects are returned. If the objects are damaged or lost, the rent can be charged until they are restored, replaced or paid for. Excessive contamination of the sanitary facilities (toilets) will result in a cleaning fee of EUR 1,000.00. The use of confetti or other intentional contamination must be expressly approved in writing by Hansekai before the start of the event. In the event of a violation, the cleaning fee is EUR 500.00 per day of the event. For fireworks displays outside New Year's Eve, official approval must be obtained in advance and registered with Hansekai before the event begins. In the event of a violation, Hansekai will charge a flat rate of EUR 1,000.00. This does not constitute relief from further civil or criminal claims made by third parties (e.g., the Hanseatic City of Hamburg). 9. Hansekai is only obliged to pay compensation to the customer for breach of a contractual obligation if intent or gross negligence can be attributed. 10. Hansekai is entitled to exchange the listed and agreed services for equivalent ones if these are not available or cannot be fulfilled, and the exchange is reasonable. 11. The customer is obliged to insure rental items against all risks at his own expense. All necessary official approvals must be obtained at the customer's expense. If the rental item is damaged, Hansekai must be informed without delay. Rented items may only be used for the contractually agreed duration, at the agreed location and for the agreed purpose. 12. Hansekai is not liable for damages or services not provided due to force majeure. 13. The open-end flat rate is limited to ten hours and, based on experience, covers an above-average duration of the event. In general, due to local, personnel and legal conditions, a binding extension beyond the agreed duration (maximum of ten hours) will occur exclusively at Hansekai's discretion on the day of the event. 14. The place of fulfillment for delivery, handover and payment is Hamburg. The place of jurisdiction for commercial contractual partners is Hamburg. As of January 2023


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